About Us

At LSIA we do more than offer English and Computer classes, both vitally important tools for young people in our expanding global community. We also connect our students with peers around the world over through our Pen Pal program and cooperation with People to People International. Other services we offer include interpreters, homestay accommodation for visitors, guides for tourists and professionals, an introduction to Albanian culture, and much more. For more information on these services, please contact our Headquarters Office in Tirana.

Humanitarian activities have always been a valued part of the LSIA organization. In the last nine years we have helped distribute over 600 tonnes of humanitarian supplies collected and brought into Albania by one of our partner charities in England, the Nottingham Police Aid Convoy (NPAC). Through this partnership, arranged by our own UK Supporters of LSIA, LSIA has dispersed much appreciated aid to over 10,000 families, individuals, orphanages, schools, kindergartens and hospitals in Albania.

The LSIA Family

At LSIA we treat each other as one family: with respect, integrity and lots of love. These qualities are distinct trademarks of this organization and key to our ongoing success. We offer our heartfelt thanks to all our UK supporters who over the last 15 years have supplied books in the thousands, computers, school equipment, stationary, and taken time to correspond with our students.

Landmarks of Language Schools in Albania (LSIA), founded in 1994.

a short history review)

April             1994   Contacts were made by Philip H Bell from Australia with students and Proffesors  at Tirana University, with proposals to launch a Language School to teach English to Albanians. Funding was to come from the UK via invitations from students in Albania.  

June             1994   Language Schools In Albania (LSIA) was registered in Albania, as a foundation (charity) Nr 37,  with surgeons and professors associated with the University as well as students of English at the Faculty of Foreing Languages of Tirana University. Professor Hamlet Bezhani, the Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Tirana University was elected first Chairman of LSIA.

August         1994   With over 1000 sponsors from the first mailing, Barrister,Thomas Ballantine Dykes (TBD) was appointed secretary of the UK sponsors in order to regulate activities in the UK. 

January        1995   The British sponsors were registered as a charity by TBD, using the same name as the Albanian charity (LSIA) they also used the distinctive logo of the Albanian registered LSIA on letter headings.

April             1996    Much less money or books were coming from UK, and following friction resegnation of Philip Bell, his assistant Mr. Genci Mucaj became  Executive Director immediately after Bell’s departure.

January        1997     This was the last time that money was sent to Albania from England. Extra staff were engaged in England and many abortive applications made for lottery funds.                                                                                              

Feb –July     1997     All LSIA schools were closed because of no more funds were sent from the UK. For two months (Aug/Sept) teachers worked for no pay and a fee of £3 per month was charged to students who could afford it, in order to survive. Albeit with no capital spending, the Albanians demonstrated that they could manage without help for the next 3 years.

March   1998   The English LSIA, originally registered by TBD, changed its name to British Albanian Educational Trust (BAET), but kept the same distinctive logo, which originated in Albania and which (the Albanian LSIA) had always used. 

July   1999     After intensive investigations and changes in constitution, LSIA was the first Albanian charity to be validated by the (British) Charities Aid Foundation CAF,to receive funds from Britain, which could be enhanced by tax refunds, subject to status.

June  2000     BAET was wound up and soon after, at a meeting with Genci, Reg Pointer, Garry Chattaway and Colin Smith in Birmingham, the UK supporters of LSIA was formed. They agreed to lead a group of unpaid volunteers from the ranks of previous donors to support LSIA.

August  2000   Language Schools in Albania became the first to be licenced by the Ministry of Science and Education of Albania Nr 227, which made their certificates recognised throughout Albania and the rergion.

May    2001   Through LSIA UK Supporters, LSIA partnered with Nottingham Police Aid Convoy NPAC and delivered the first 5 tonnes of excellent educational aid to LSIA in Tirana, donated by hundreds of people in the UK and entrusted LSIA with the distribution of humanitarian aid to the poorest people in Albania.

September      2001.    Partnership with US Peace Corpus, several volunteers taught English at ours schools throghut the country, Lushnja, Korca, Tirana, Berat and more ,

January        2002   The demand for the services of LSIA has enabled them to open up in 4 new locations so far this year, making 13 in total. It is intended during the year to increase this by a further location bringing the total to 14 by the year-end.

May       2002    NPAC delivered 6 tonnes of even better educational aid including 25 computers, and entrusted LSIA with the distribution of 70 tonnes of humanitarian aid to some of the poorest parts of Albania. Collaboration with other humanitarean organization such as CAFOD, Save the Children, Adria followed.

September      2003     New schools opened up in Fier, Korca and Fush-Kruje early in the year, and Puka near Shkodra in the North, and Bilisht almost on the boarder with Greece later.

September      2004    The first Language Schools In Albania was launched in the neighbouring Macedonia. LSIA became the first ever school of the sort ever registered in the history of Macedoni by an Albanian Native.

December    2005     The number of Langauge Schools encreased up to 18 schools with over 3500 students enroll per year. This was the best year yet of LSIA history not only in the number of students but a remarkable acheivement into that left into Albanian private education.

October      2006    LSIA, become partner with several National and International similar organization and schools, amoge which, Hilderstone College, Anglican School in English, Share one Language SOL in UK and  PTPI, People to People international in USA.

April        2007     LSIA beacome a member of the consortium “ Peace through Education, and participated in more then 4000 school and classroom program and pen-pals  by PTPI in USA and UK. This is on going programe which has created thousands of new freindships.

January    2008     After almost 10 years, LSIA was involved with humanitarean work with its partner in UK, NPCA, over 750 tones of aid have reached more then 15.000 families, individuals, schools, kindergarden, orphanges and many vunerable part of the society, making LSIA a truly educative and humanitaren organization.

April  2008     The competion grew a lot and this is the year that we experienced a fall in student recruitment.  The number of similar schools reached 270 only in Tirana. Back in 1994 LSIA was the only school of that type in the countrie’s history.

June  2009     Due to lack of English teachers and students, we closed four schools in small cities. The overall number of students dropped slightly.

November    2010   A new School was launched in a lovely and historic town of Prizren in Kosova. This marks the first LSIA school in the Republic of Kosova, expanding the map of LSIA in Balkan.

September 2011   After more then 17 years, LSIA still remains the first and by far the largest Language Schools in Albania. Over 20.000 students have been enrolled with us since 1994 and over 5000 have successfully completed their English studies and study or work in many parts of the world and walks of life. More then 300 English teachers have been working for us, including about 45 native teachers form UK, US, Candand, Australia and New Zealand, making LSIA a truly Interantioanl body, which not only teach Englisht but bring people to together and preparpe them for a better future.

October 2012   LSIA experienced a dicline on the number of students and some schools were closed due to lack proper regulations and distorter of law in private education, market regulation and unfair competetion.

December  2013   Two more schools were closed in small cities for lack of Englisht teachers, including the school in Prizen Kosova and Gjirokastra in Albania.

November 2014    This was the worse year by the number of students reqruitments and another of our school was closed in Struga Macedonia. Number of students from 3500 in the year 2005, reached 1200 by the end of 2014 .

September 2015      This was a year where we saw an increase in numbers as well as a stop in the decliine of student recruitmens and schools in operation.

October 2016    LSIA continues to grow this year and work started to regain the lost momentum. Plans are underway to open up in other cities, Pogradec, Librazhd, Elbasan, Lac and Lezha.

September  2017   LSIA continues to call on  its old partners and deveolop new partnerships. Work is under way with FragilePeace in PA, USA to create a regional hub in Tirana Albania to train teachers help create pathways to further education through local and international partners in business and academia.  Our joint efforts combine to reignite confidence and amplify self-assurance, stimulate creativity and inspire belief in an individual’s choices. We provide tools and training assisting them in rebuilding their lives and passions.

January  2018   A new web-site was launched. Later AlbaniAid a UK charity agrees to assit Language Schools with school aquipments, desks, chairs, computers, books, school kits and other school facilities to unable us open up to new locations....