Language Schools In Albania offers many programs for the students to practice their English Language. These programs are based on LSIA's programs itself  and programs due to the membership of People To People International. Language Schools In Albania's students have the possibility to communicate with Native English teachers, who come to teach in a scheduled time at LSIA to help our students not only learn the English language grammar, but also to make them speak fluently and gain confidence in their daily communication. Over 4000 students from our Language Schools in throught out Albaniaa are communicating with students of 10-18 years of age from other school in America, UK and other English speaking countries.

Our goal is to connect our students with their peer and help creat new frienship by exhanging our cultural diversities and promote peace through mutual understanding.

Their communication will continue for the year 2018 and beyond and stronger with more students in 2012. New pen pals will start this program for the upcoming months with Britain.

These programs are organized on annual base, and for those students who are interested in joining these activities, we would recommend to visit our Calendar page. Students from LSIA in Tirana will be notified for the upcoming events from their teachers.

People To People International Programs

European Conference

PTPI's European Conference joins together PTPI members in Europe every year. At this occasion,the European Executive Committee is elected and participants exchange ideas and experiences.

European Youth Forum

PTPI's European Youth Forum unites young PTPI members from all over Europe who are not 18 years old yet. The aim of this seven-day event is to provide a unique intercultural learning experience for participants. Every year, a different topic and focus is chosen.

People To People International Leadership Seminar

European PTPI leaders are invited once a year by PTPI's European Office to join a special seminar. The topic of the Leadership Seminar varies each year, depending on the needs and interests of PTPI chapter presidents and members in Europe.

School and Classroom Program

The School and Classroom Program connects teachers and their students with classes in other countries.  Students collaborate on educational projects that expand their understanding of another culture and help them form friendships with their peers abroad.  Partner classes interact via teacher-supervised e-mail accounts, online-forums as well as letters and packages exchanged by post.  Primary, middle and secondary school classes and youth groups from all countries are welcome to join.